Student Accomodation

Carlow Town is home to both Carlow IT and Carlow College and is very much a student town. Moreover, with the impending university status attached to Carlow IT, student numbers are likely to increase in Carlow. Our Company provides extensive student rental accommodation servicing both to Carlow IT and Carlow College on our dedicated Student Rental Accommodation Listing.

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Information for Students

Duration of Student Tenancy

  • We rent properties on a nine-month lease from the 1st September until 31st May the following year.


  • We require a deposit of €400 from each tenant.
  • Provided that there is no damage done to the property or no deductions for cleaning this will be returned in full in the first two weeks of June or beforehand, depending on move out date.
  • Deposits are insurance should any damage or repairs need to be done after a tenancy. It CANNOT be used as a last month’s rent.


  • We all have different habits and lifestyles. Living together requires compromise and tenants should be understanding of others to avoid problems.
  • In addition to a tenancy agreement, there may be a list of house rules that must be adhered to. Ground rules usually cover issues such as loud music, visitors, cleaning etc.


  • Bills usually include electricity, gas, TV, phone and internet.
  • The easiest way to pay bills is to divide them equally amongst tenants. Copies of the bills should be available to all.
  • If someone does not pay their share of the bills, ultimately the account holder is responsible for payment.

Tips for Student Accommodation

  • A great way to keep on top of things is for all tenants to chip in to keep the property reasonably clean.
  • A rota could be agreed to but this will only work if everyone contributes.

Moving out of the Property - Checklist

  1. Have you given the correct notice of termination in writing?
  2. Has all rent been paid in full?
  3. Deposits are insurance should any damage or repairs need to be done after a tenancy, they CANNOT be used as a last month’s rent.
  4. Have you cancelled any standing orders/direct debits from your account?
  5. Have you transferred your name out of your waste collection provider? Normally the agent will transfer the other utilities back into the landlord’s name.
  6. Have you arranged payment of the final bills?
  7. Have you removed all your belongings and cleaned the property before leaving?
  8. The property must be in the same condition as when the property was let.
  9. All counters, cupboards and floors must be clean.
  10. The fridge and freezer must be defrosted and clean throughout.
  11. The oven and grill must be clean.
  12. All toilets and bathrooms must be clean.
  13. All bins must be empty and rubbish taken away.
  14. Do you have photos of how you left the property?
  15. Have you returned the keys?
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